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Re: Godwin's law validated again

Lighten up.  Joe was apparently having a little fun with your post in an
apparent attempt to lighten up a thread that was frankly getting a little
too serious.  I am sure what you wrote was serious and was fact and I am
sure Joe did not mean to belittle it.  I admit, I did not read the whole
post as it was not attached.  


I also have another axiom to share.  Say nice things about people in public,
nasty things in private.  Try that next time, please.





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Hello from patrick N2OEQ, for some reason my words were taken out of
context. Godwins law specifies the use of an analogy. What I posted was a
publically Known fact, not an insulting analogy. The US brought Werner Von
Braun here to the US to design rockets which included the Atlas 5. I suggest
you go back and read my prior post in its entirety. You must be some kind of
government or military axe man. Funny how the ideas presented seem to be
attacked with ignorant one-liners. Kind of like Planet of the apes movies.
Next time either relay the entire post or look like an ass. Take care, 73

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 Hilarious...!  Funniest thing I've seen on this topic..

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