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Re: Could we raise orbit thru magnetorque?

In a message dated 19/02/2007 21:50:04 GMT Standard Time,  
lu7abf@amsat.org.ar writes:

In  thinking on a future satellite project, this question was  made.

Argument is:  if when satellite is in the north, a north  magnetic field is 
applied on z plane, will satellite raise orbit ? Same but  opposite on south. 
Considering limited energy available could this raise be  significant if 
applied on all orbits ?. 

Tks for any answer or  argument.

lu7abf, Pedro  Converso

Ohhhh.  How do you generate a north or south 'pole' in  isolation?  Probably 
not possible so you would generate opposing forces  that cancel.  I realise 
that you can have one pole closer to the earth than  the other, but given that 
the relative sizes makes the satellites magnet  'infinately small' in 
comparison to the earth I think the forces would be  virtually equal and opposite. 
Hence magnetorquing can generate rotational forces  but not 'thrusting' type 
Sound reasonable?
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