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At 01:50 PM 2/18/2007, Luc Leblanc wrote:
>On 15 Feb 2007 at 21:06, Robert Davies wrote:
> >
> >  To compare the US Air Force Academy and AMSAT to the NAZI V-1 and V-2
> > rockets is ludicrous.
>What's funny on this BB is many are interpreting the text with what 
>they think
>silently. Probably afraid to be honest up to a point  to reveal what they
>really think about "real questions".

Luc, enough ....

You are just rambling and your comments don't even make sense .... 
and you and I both know that it has NOTHING to do with English not 
being your first language ...

I am both a Canadian and an American citizen, so I have no political 
bias here ...

Your constant hijacking of the BB with these idiotic rants is not an 
expression of free speech -- it is just plain silliness ... you 
obviously enjoy creating conflict. You have significant personality 
problems and my personal AND professional opinion is that you get 
some professional help. Your need to see yourself in print and be the 
centre of conflict is unhealthy and selfish, and simply serves to 
drive even fair-minded people from the list ...

I've watched as you've done this repeatedly with the same results --- 
you leave a trail of unhappiness wherever you post. If you are even a 
fraction of the gentleman that you try to portray yourself as, then 
you will simply withdraw from the list and save the majority of us 
from having to withdraw instead ...

To those who have defended Luc's right to free-speech, you are most 
noble ... it is too bad that he does not seem to care about everyone 
else as much as some of you do.

Again, please seek some medical attention and stop this nonsense.

By the way, your signature line reads: ""It is not the class of 
license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur
that holds the license."

You of all people should try to understand what that means.


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