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> Is anyone using these programs to connect to ande/raft?

You ar not supposed to CONNECT to either satellite.  They are simple digipeaters and so you transmit unproto UI packets (APRS), and they relay them.

> I am 100% sure I have connected to both sats...

You should never connect to ANDE.  There is nothing to "connect to".  RAFT however has the voice system enabled and someone DOES have to send a CONNECT RAFT packet to turn the voice on for each pass.  But the TX packet CONNECT RAFT is all that is required.  YOu do not need an ACK and you do not need to remain connected.

Please see the operating commands on the RAFT OPS web page (google for RAFT OPS)

>, however, I cannot decode the connect return packet.

See above, you do not need to.  Nothing gained.

> usually. After a min or so, I see that I am connected. 

You do not need a complete connection.  RAFT only has to decode a single CONNECT RAFT packet to turn on the voice.  As soon as you hear the voice, you are done.

> Then when sending the talk command ( im not even sure im 
> doing it right ) I get no responce from ths sats. 

Please see the RAFT OPS web page.  You do -not- send anything in connected mode.  the TALK packets have to be sent in standard APRS or UI packets.  Then it will speak them.

> Basically I need some beginer help with these digi sats. 

Welcome to ANDE and RAFT!  SO far,  I have operated VOICE on every pass (that is agbove 20 deg from my location) but have only seen one other person on so far!

Just remember, that only the CONNECT RAFT packet is required to activate voice for 5 minutes, then ANYONE (except you) can send a UI APRS message to TALK and it will be spoken.

If you also want to send UI packets, you have to DISCONECT (but without RAFT hearing you disconnect) and then you also can send UI talk messages.  If RAFT hears you disconnect, then it will shut off the VOICE too.

Best way to disconnect is to quickly QSY 20 KHz, then ^C to your commmand prompt (cmd:) then hit D <ENTER> twice.  This will force  a disconnect without having to wait for the other end.  Then QSY back to the channel and now you can send TALK messages like everyone else.

Hope that helps.

Bob, Wb4APR

-Steve Raas 
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