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Re: ... US military operations [slightly OT]

LIGHTEN UP!  Just a reminder, if it wasn't for the United States Military, 
there wouldn't be a Satellite
program on this hemisphere, nor would AMSAT-NA exist.  If you had done your 
homework, you would know that it was the USAF that put up many of the 
earliest Amateur Radio Satellites, I don't see Canada putting up any money 
to support space exploration. Your right, this BB isn't moderated so all 
dissenting views can be expressed.

Get a life dude!
Regards, DE K7ZT
Joe Westbrook, MSgt., USAF Retired

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> Just to pointed out i asked at numerous occasion to have this BB moderated 
> and
> my request where always turned down as this BB is "open". This mean it is 
> not
> restricted to any subjects.
> As my first message regarding AO-51 use by US military forces was not 
> intended
> for this one at least to show up any conspiracy but conflicting 
> utilization of
> an IARU amateur service allocated satellite.
> Irresponsible and uncontrolled operations on AO-51 regarding IARU is all 
> what's
> my post is about. It is not related to anything else and the funding 
> issues and
> the benefits from volunteers are not the purpose of my post.
> Making amateurs radio satellite available to military services is a 
> dangerous
> precedent! Is an Iranian korean chinese military satellite using 145.820 
> and
> build by cadets will be endorse by AMSAT-NA? Its time Misses Leber to
> act...again lightly {uprorious laughter ensues} :(
> In a way to help some (both gender here...)  {uprorious laughter ensues} 
> to
> remain focused on the subject or the task  Here is an excerpt of the IARU
> B. Alternatives to the amateur-satellite service
> Alternatives to the amateur-satellite service exist in the many satellite
> services for which
> allocations are provided in the Radio Regulations. See Annex IV for a 
> complete
> list of
> services, including satellite services, to which frequencies are 
> allocated.
> For missions not fitting into one of the existing services, particularly 
> for
> short term
> research or school projects, experimental stations may be licensed by
> administrations.
> See: Article 27 of the Radio Regulations. Experimental stations may be 
> assigned
> on
> any frequency on a secondary basis.
> NOTE: Experimental stations authorized by one administration are not 
> normally
> permitted to communicate with experimental stations authorized by another.
> Special
> international arrangements are required. [See: RR 27.1.]
> If experimental licensing is proposed using frequencies in an 
> amateur-satellite
> service
> allocation, then the IARU Satellite Advisor may be able to help guide your
> frequency
> planning so as to minimise the probability of interference to and from 
> licensed
> amateur satellite
> service stations. Administrations normally consider experimental stations
> assecondary
> to all other licensed stations. So, frequency coordination is particularly
> important for assuring mission success.
> NOTE: When ready to ask for IARU frequency coordination, please, be sure 
> to
> use the latest frequency coordination request form! The form changes from 
> time
> to time.
> I know stupidity has no sex {uprorious laughter ensues} I like this one
> probably my next signature comment, but the more cubes we put in spaces 
> the
> more we open our spectrum to non amateur operations.
> Get a cheap satellite in the space on the HAM satellite band. Just put a
> repeater in it promised them to let them operate it at the end of his life 
> and
> bingo you got a free ride... The dummies are even "helping US the Abou
> Ghraib/Guantanamo folks they even called us their friends"{uprorious 
> laughter
> ensues}
> As an "international" organization AMSAT-NA should not put themselves in a 
> week
> position supporting the military as some will probably tend to extend the
> debate. As one mentioned it so well " While i am deeply concerned by the
> actions of the US military, i do know who are the 'Commander and Chief' 
> is; and
> i also recognize that the US military is, by necessity, a very diverse
> organization"
> The same "necessity" was also present in Vietnam and if some are willing 
> to
> sell their souls and principles for money i am not and its why i wrote and
> signed again "I know i wrote in the past that AMSAT'S should be 
> "innovative"
> but not to a point to prostitute with any military action or operation."
> I know a time where floks down the border where much more concerned and 
> less
> inclined towards the lighter and easy side EG:{uprorious laughter ensues}
> Some link of interest:
> http://www.truthout.org/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/9/4377
> http://www.julien-daillere.com/filmacoz/english/actions-english.html
> http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/03/09/iraq.main/index.html
> http://hrw.org/english/docs/2004/05/07/iraq8560.htm
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_prison
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_torture_and_prisoner_abuse
> Margaret Leber K3XS and Andrew Glasbrenner KO4MA both wrote in their own 
> time:
> " please be patient as we cooperate with our friends at the USAFA" 
> {uprorious
> laughter ensues}
> http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/002502.html
> "-"
> "Stupidity has no sex" {uprorious laughter ensues}
> Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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Sent via AMSAT-BB@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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