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Re: AO-51 this week


Your research is faulty. This information below is not the same Falconsat as the USAFA satellite I mentioned:

>>From a NASA agency NSSDC Master Catalog Display: Spacecraft
>NSSDC ID: 2000-004D
>Other Names
>    * 26064
>Launch Date: 2000-01-27
>FALCONSAT is an American military microsatellite that was released from JAWSAT. 
>It is reported to be a technology testing mission.
>Discipline of surveillance and other Military uses. (edited)
>Sponsoring Agency/Country
>    Unknown/United States

Furthermore Falconsat-3 is not a AMSAT-NA project. There has been no AMSAT-NA funding for Falconsat-3. There has been no allocation of personnel or money by the BOD or the Officers for Falconsat-3. The USAFA is a university, building a scientific and amateur satellite, no different in kind from Sunsat, PCsat, most of the cubesats, many of the RS series, or any of the University of Surrey satellites. The builders and control ops of these satellites can do as they please with their own time and money, and badgering by the likes of you may deprive hams from the use of a fine satellite.

Do yourself a favor and quit looking for a conspiracy under every rock and stone, and do your homework before you point a finger at the people who volunteer their time and money in an altruistic fashion.

>Did AMSAT-NA will condemned military endeavour or support it? Or it is the end 
>result who make's amateur radio supporting a military program acceptable eg: 
>producing debris or not? or helping in producing military technology as stated 
>by NASA "It is reported to be a technology testing mission.
>Discipline of surveillance and other Military uses. (edited)".
>I know i wrote in the past that AMSAT'S should be "innovative" but not to a 
>point to prostitute with any military action or operation.
>Probably another inconsiderate and unplanned move by AMSAT-NA where the BOD is 
>again out of control driven by any floating interest who probably blackmailed 
>them "AGAIN" If AMSAT-NA wants to be a military puppet, here is a song lyrics 
>from James blunt probably the BOD  inspiration source.

Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA

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