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FCAL packet recovery

I've managed to recover a few more FCAL packets from the audio that
SatScape is automagically recording for me.  I have a number of good
candidate audio files that AGWPE doesn't decode, in spite of the audio
being pretty strong.  I don't see a "pass all" setting on AGWPE, so I
presume there are bit errors causing the packets to be discarded.  Any
suggestions for post-processing the audio with the intent of pulling AX.25
packets out of the muck?


2007feb08 03:31 EST
 1:Fm KD4HBO To TELEM Via TELEM <UI pid=F0 Len=57 >[xx:xx:xx]
Analog 00040004000000DB00A5000C00DE000B N 0000001E

2007feb09 03:47 EST
 1:Fm KD4HBO To TELEM Via TELEM <UI pid=F0 Len=55 >[xx:xx:xx]

2007feb10 02:27 EST
 1:Fm KD4HBO To TELEM Via TELEM <UI pid=F0 Len=56 >[xx:xx:xx]
Analog 001200FA00FE00DB00A600FC00DD0010 N 0000001E

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