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Re: Ham Radio Astronaut procedures.

On Friday 09 February 2007 11:05:26 tosca005 wrote:
> On 9 Feb 2007, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> > A 2W TX on shuttle or ISS is considered a catastrophic safety
> > hazard due to potential for loss of life due to interference or
> > reset of the space suit, or shuttle ISS control systems or
> > anything else.
> Hmmm.... I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I take my 200 watt 2
> meter brick amplifier with me when I go out roving for a VHF contest. My
> vehicle has a lot of computerized control systems in it. (Okay, I don't
> transmit while traveling at 17,000 MPH through a near perfect vacuum...)
> :)
> 73 de W0JT

Not only that, but if you need to get out of the vehicle you just do.
And, if you needed spare parts for something its easy to get them.
After listening to some NASA folks  talking about safety stuff many
years ago it became clear how difficult it is trying to do anything
in space, and what the possibilities are for disaster.   Then, add
the political layer, being any screw ups at all will be royally and
loudly bitched about publically, and NASA has to be careful to the
point of being strangled.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82
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