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Re: Grid conversion for PALM OS

Robert Davies wrote:
> Paulo Pinto wrote:
>>I am trying to find a software to use with my PALM M515 and to find Grid
>>Locator with Lat/Long coordinates. So far I didn't find it. Does anyone
>>knows where to find it, if exists.
> Try this.
> *GRID Find for the Palm Pilot and the PocketPC*
> http://www.mawg.cap.gov/websites/mawg/home.nsf/cca609d839d184138525675900148f51/25c7c41408486f958525675c0014c90d?OpenDocument

A quick look at the URL suggests that this program indeed does compute 
grids, but NOT Maidenhead Grid Squares.

A widely-used program in the 10 GHz and Up community, for the Palm OS, 
which computes bearing and distance, and can also do conversions between 
lat/lon and Maidenhead Grid squares, is GL by KK6MK:

Another program which I wrote needs some updating work, but it is 
functional in its present form:
One of the problems with this program is that the math was based on a 
spherical Earth, so it underestimates distances for headings that have a 
large East-West component. I plan to fix this in the next version.

W1GHZ also publishes a few Palm OS programs; BD is one that computes 
bearing and distance between two grids, which is not the conversion that 
Paulo is asking about. I believe that the companion program called 
LLtoGrid will do what Paulo wants. Both are in one download:

Hope that helps.
73 de W0JT
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