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Re: RX only satellite?

In a message dated 06/02/2007 17:47:35 GMT Standard Time, bruninga@usna.edu  

There  may be a Satellite opportunity for a ham radio RX only
No TX  allowed.

Any ideas?  It will be recoverd one year  later.

Hi Bob.
I guess this is attached to the ISS so no oportunity to have attitude  
OK,  Long time in orbit so lots of data. How about one or more of the  cheap 
USB memory sticks for storage?   1GB+ is small and cheap these  days.
To interface the USB to the real world you can use an interface chip with  
PIC microcontroller.
I'm sure that would normally be a wholelot of design all by itself, except  
you can buy the USB intefaced to a PIC16F877 off the shelf for about $50 
limited  driver software included
That gives you 16 I/O lines and some A-D conversion to play with.
As for payloads? Well spectrum monitoring is good but GPS data to give the  
location would be an advantage so you know where you are.  Bands to  monitor.  
2.4  is the most controversial, but the proposed uplink band  of 5.6G would 
give valuable insight for future projects.   
Or,  one of the new power to voltage converters from Analog  Devices.  
Monitoring the radar fence output or other High radar signals  could be interesting. 
Or camera that can take pics on your command. - I can almost see the  picture 
of your QTH on the wall of your office. Taken on a clear day when you  know 
the lens is pointing in the right direction.
David  G0MRF       www.sseti.net
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