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Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance ( Flame)

AMSAT Operations folks, with assistance from AMSAT Engineering geeks, 
err, engineers,  have been working to improve performance of AO-51.  We 
have seen this social phenomenon repeatedly according to the operations 
folks.  As we up the usability of the bird by increasing transmitter 
power,  the number of competing stations with all of the obvious 
behaviors come out.  It has been my experience in AMSAT since I first 
became active in the early 1970's,   after the kinds of changes we have 
been making become the norm,  the "transient response" dies down to a 
small hum!

Be patient with your fellow satellite users.


Cathryn Mataga wrote:
> Steve wrote:
>> I find this post Unbelievable.
>> I've been moderately active on AO51 since it was first launched and have yet
>> to hear anyone refuse to allow another access to the satellite.
>> If the satellite is quiet, then why shouldn't a conversational qso be
>> allowed?
>  Maybe the chaos is more of an east coast thing?    I'm not sure if it's 
> as busy
> here in California as it is on the east coast.  At least I had kind of a 
> casual low key chat,
> on a Sunday evening awhile back.   I heard SO-50 fly by with one guy 
> calling CQ, and me
> fumbling around looking for how to set the PL, and nobody else answering.
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