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Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance ( Flame)

At 05:51 AM 2/2/2007, Steve wrote:
>I find this post Unbelievable.
>I've been moderately active on AO51 since it was first launched and have yet
>to hear anyone refuse to allow another access to the satellite.
>If the satellite is quiet, then why shouldn't a conversational qso be
>If you wish to use the satellite all you need to do is, politely, break-in
>and make your call.
>I find that just saying my call sign during a break in the conversation
>works well.

It depends on the circumstances.  If the pass is likely to be busy 
(daytime across the US), keep the QSOs short.  However, on quieter 
passes, I do believe it is OK to have a ragchew like QSO, provided 
the following are observed:

- Overs are kept short (< 30 seconds, preferably 15 where possible)
- Long pauses (5 sec or more) are left between overs (and invite 
others to use the satellite as well)
- If anyone breaks in, give the bird over to them immediately
- Don't resume the QSO after an interruption until all other traffic subsides.

Occasionally, someone will want to actually join the QSO.  If they 
do, bring them in and continue, but keep the above in mind.

To those of you used to busy US or EU passes, the idea of QSOs on an 
FM bird might sound absurd, but in VK/ZL, a QSO can help alert others 
that the bird is available for use.  Back in the UO-14 days, we'd 
have roundtables with 4-5 ops on late night (11PM-midnight local 
time) passes.  Some passes, I'd end up being the only one on the 
satellite.  However, if another station came up during our 
roundtables, they'd be invited to take over the bird.  Sometimes 
they'd say hello and join us, other times they'd be seeking a short 
QSO, or even calling a specific station that was not on previously 
(perhaps a sked or moving over from simplex to give the sat a whirl).

73 de VK3JED

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