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Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance

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> How in the world is is even remotely possible that people hold a
> conversation on the bird knowing that there are 70 people ( probabally 
> more
> like 170) using the bird for quick contacts? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE.. I
> cant imagine the ignorace involved... I just cannot fathom it.
> -Steve Raas
> FN20vg

Hi everyone,

We've all experienced this from time to time, as well as the CQ'ers and 
those with inadequate
receivers (as mentioned by others). I share your frustration.. Often times 
I'm trying to work the XE
stations early in the pass, and two USA stations ignore the DX and proceed 
to chat again - after
chatting on the last pass.. Meanwhile, the DX is just about to lose the 

I would suggest that the ragchewers and newbies spend more time on SO-50. 
It's under-utilized
most of the time, and it's lower power transmitter will encourage those with 
marginal antennas
and/or receive systems to optimize their equipment.

During the 'off-peak' times, have at it on any of the birds, but PLEASE 
don't monopolize them when
many others are waiting.

Just my .02


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas
Amsat #35249

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