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Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance

> Some people have the "me, me, me" attitude, so they feel they're entitled.
> I don't mind hearing a SHORT QSO between ops.  I've kept this in mind when
> I've worked the same station a few times, and have limited my comments to
> them to a sentence or two, so that others get a chance to get in.
>                       [...]  Lastly there are also the ops who apparently
> aren't hearing the satellite and keep calling CQ, with stations answering
> them to no avail.

I can live with an occasional long QSO on non-transcontinental passes and
don't mind so much the CQ'ers, as eventually someone straightens them up.
(Although i must say i was really irritated by a long QSO on a certain
transcontinental AO-51 pass about the problems of a local repeater where 
one participant could hear the other's uplink...)

My personal frustration is with the operators who say hello to the same
operators, week after week (day after day?). More often than not, when
i'm in an obscure grid square on a weekend transcontinental pass and
want to give it away to people, this happens so much on AO-51 that i
can't into the satellite at all. (In the mornings, this has become known
as the 'breakfast club'.) I find it really annoying as i'm just doing
this for other people, as one doesn't get any credit for these contacts
for Worked All States, VUCC and many other awards.  This definitely
discourages roving; going where it may be difficult to work satellites
and/or making arrangements with those one is vacationing with, only to
find out one can't even get into the satellite...

I'm still looking for Delaware, South Carolina and current QSLs from
three other Eastern states for WAS. But this situation has become so
notorious that i find that many satellite operators are reluctant to
work an FM bird, especially AO-51.  And more than twice i've missed
one of the states i merely need a QSL card from (Indiana) because of
these hello'ers.  And i don't get another chance with that station as
he was also a rover.  *sigh*

		       -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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