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Re: GO-32 Frame Trace ... Is VA3HIP/VE3EMA OK?

Thanks for giving me a heads up on my station hogging GO-32.
A bunch of 7+ files had somehow got routed to me to upload to GO-32 as
personal mail.  My total upload file was over 650kb which is why I was using
up so much of the bird's resources.

I apologize if I caused any problems.

73 Harmen, VE3EMA


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Does anyone know the control operator for this station?

It is exhibiting some behavior that I don't know if it is expected 
(normal) or not.
I realize it is a "Gateway" station.

When VA3HIP acquires GO-32 there is a constant stream of frame ack/nacks
that essentially "bogs down" the BBS to the exclusion of other stations.
The BBS is so busy .. it appears not to be able to send it it's periodic
"Gurwin Techsat1B"  message that usually comes out every 30 seconds or so.

I noticed this behavior at the end of last year and soon after VA3HIP 
was off the air.
Within the last week it is back on the air exhibiting the same behavior.

I included a trace file where I cut/pasted blocks of messages from my "tnc"
you can observe the long periods (several minutes) of activity .. and 
then finally,
at the end of the trace, where VA3HIP experienced LOS .. you can see normal
activity resume (I soon experienced LOS as well).

Just curious ...


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