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Re: [OZAPRS] My first Posit via PCSAT for a long time

I will be travelling V51 NAMBIA during June, JULY, AUGUST and want to know 
if it would make sense to use any of the PACSATs for APRS out in the bush, 
like I did with ISS in West Australia last year?
First question would be: Is there a reliable PACTSAT in Orbit at that time?
Second: do you know about an SATGATE in this area?
Otherwise I would need to go back to HF-APRS, preferably ROBUST-PACKET Mode.
tnx info
de Mike
oe3mzc / vk3fpf

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Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:28 AM
Subject: [OZAPRS] My first Posit via PCSAT for a long time

> Yes, PCSAT-1 is working great.  I was driving through Tennessee
> on Friday, and saw a PCSAT-11 packet on the normal North
> Americal 144.39 frequency and so I quickly QSY'ed to 145.825 and
> in my mobile with a magmount, my D700 radio captured 12 stations
> via PCSAT-1 and 10 messages/bulletins to the radio front panel.
> PCSAT-1 has a 1 minute beacon on 144.39 over North America so
> that people in low-QRM areas might see when PCSAT is in view for
> just this purpose.  There is no 144.39 uplink, of course, since
> all the satellite would hear is 10,000 jammed packets in space.
> Later, I just left my radio on overnight on 145.825 and captured
> similarly a dozen stations.  (Be sure to set your RANGE limit
> back to 0, or the D700 will ignore all packets coming from too
> far away...)...  De WB4APR, Bob
>> On Behalf Of Ian Mills
>> Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 8:26 PM
>> Well, I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon as I managed
>> quite easily to have my position received via PCSAT.
>> I drive two hours to and from work and I have been monitoring
>> PCSAT... so I fired off my position via a THD-7 into a 30w
>> amp attached to a 1/4 wave rod antenna on my car.
>> ...the following from findu confirms I got through:
>> VK2HIM-7>S4T3W2,PCSAT-1*,WIDE2-2,qAo,VK3JTM-5:`NM_!6>/>"3w}
>> NM @5>/>"4.}On UHF repeater
>> NMKnf~>/>"4:}
>> The last time I tried was over a year ago and I didn't have
>> any trouble then either, and this was using the 5W THd7
>> without a 30w amp!!
>> Cheers
>> Ian
>> vk2him
>> AWA Limited
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