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Re: ISS Not A Satellite WAS: Satellites and the LoTW

> Eric Christensen wrote:
> > Roger,
> > When talking to the astronauts on the ISS you aren't making a satellite
> > contact.  It is a LOS (line of sight) contact.  When you make a contact
> > with someone else on the ground VIA the ISS then it is a satellite
> > contact.

But the contact is gervent by the rules pertained to by the ITU Amateur
Satellite Service so from the ITU perspective it is a satellite contact. But I
guess the question really pertains to the rules that an organisation has
decreed for a particular award they issue. 

--- Cathryn Mataga <cathrynm@junglevision.com> wrote:
> ARRL should recognize the ISS as a country.  That would
> stir up the pot.  If Scarborough reef is a country, then why can't
> the ISS be a country? 

You mean s DXCC Entity not a country - DXCC Entities are artificial creations
that have nothing to do with countries, that's why there are 200 more DXCC
Entities than countries.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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