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Re: Satellites and the LoTW

In the Sept. 2005 QST magazine, Ward Silver N0AX writes that (as of that
date) the LOTW database holds 14 million QSO's under 15,000 different call
I don't know how big the eQSL database is but it looks to me like LOTW has a
strong marketplace position.

I agree that eQSL is probably easier to use but I believe that's because of
the tighter security standards of LOTW. Thousands of hams have managed to
use LOTW successfully, so I'd say it's probably user friendly enough to be

I'm sure eQSL has a place in amateur radio, I just don't think it's a
replacement for LOTW.

Steve .. AI7W
lm #2270

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well eQSL is much much easier to use and they have their own awards.
i have attempted a couple of times to upload to LOTW. eQSL even sends
me an email when a card comes into their system. The marketplace may
decide the issue here between LOTW and eQSL. I love eQSL and hate
(not quite) using LOTW.

I am giving priority in my logging software programs development to
eQSL before LOTW.


At 10:32 AM 1/25/2007, you wrote:
>"eQSL" is not accepted for DXCC or other ARRL award programs.
>It doesn't come up to the ARRL's standards for security and accuracy.
>Steve .. AI7W
>lm #2270
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>There is an excellent substitute for LOTW. It is called "eQSL.cc".
>It even will print and mail you a real card plus you can download or
>upload the image of the real card.
>It is very easy to use and i prefer it over LOTW.
>Les W4SCO
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