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Re: AMSAT-NA totally metric?

Ah, the mass/weight confusion.  Agree with you on that.  And no, most  
such writers don't handle unit conversions in anything like an  
intelligent way (and I've seen far worse examples, some going to 2 or  
3 decimal places ..)

Sometimes I wish more people understood the difference between mass  
and weight, and the difference between energy and power.  It would  
cut down on some of the gibberish.

On Jan 21, 2007, at 4:58 PM, Daniel Schultz wrote:

> The same editors also convert rocket thrust from pounds (of force)  
> into
> kilograms, because they don't know that pounds can measure mass or  
> force and
> these ARE NOT THE SAME THING! In respected scientific publications  
> I see
> statements such as "the 100 pound (45.3 kilogram) rocket  
> thrusters..." when
> they SHOULD have written "the 100 pound (400 Newton) rocket  
> thrusters....".

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