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PCSAT-1 critical

PCSAT-1 just crashed due to overload of users at 2110z on the

Fortunately I heard it during a pass, and was able to quickly
restore the low power settings before eclipse.  But if PCSAT
resets without a control operator in view, we will lose PCSAT-1
for the next two months until the March full sun period.

As of this moment, I turned off all alias digipeating to cut
down on the load to see if she will make it through eclipse.  We
ask all users to adhere to the following situation:

1) Cease all operations at night
2) Limit your packets during the day to minimum to make contact
3) Never digipeat VIA W3ADO-1

The only exception to the rule #1 is for new users who have not
had the chance to try PCSAT-1 from their mobile D7 or D700
radio, to set an overnight beacon at a 5 minute rate to see if
they capture any packets overnight.  Since I turned off all
aliases, such users participating in that experiment will have
to set their PATH to VIA PCSAT-1.

Bottom line.  PCSAT-1 has had a great run since 1 January with
over 100 users per day showing up on the web page
http://pcsat.aprs.org .  And we can continue this operation as
eclipses get longer and longer as long as we do not overload it.
The load she has been seeing the last week is not sustainable.

We welcome activity, but need to reduce the load.  Please cut
back on y our transmission rates.

If you see the callsign W3ADO-1 it means a reset.
If you see the callsign PCSAT-11 on 145.825, it  means a reset
If you see the callsign W3ADO-1 on 144.39 over the USA, it means
a reset.

If any sysop sees these conditions, please logon and restore
PCSAT-1 to low-powerbudget opertions.

Bob, Wb4APR

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