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> Mode-US P3E will have, Eagle at this point,also.
> Mode-LS P3E will have, Eagle a possibility.
> Mode-SC Eagle will have a new digital mode.

Minor corrections for the Eagle part of the above:

Eagle will have Mode U/V (formerly Mode B), Mode L/S, and a digital package 
on S2/C with an alternate uplink on L.

>From the front page of amsat.org:

AMSAT's Board of Directors met on 5 October in Foster City, CA and approved 
the following Eagle communications payloads:

  a.. A SSB/CW (etc.) transponder with uplink on U-band and downlink on 
V-band. System design has a goal that it be usable over 75% of the orbit by 
an AO-13 or AO-40 capable ground station.
  b.. A SSB/CW (etc.) transponder with uplink on L-band and downlink on 
S1-band (2.4 Ghz). An AO-13 or AO-40 capable ground station will be able to 
use this payload.
  c.. A low rate text message system, like SMS. It will operate on U/V-bands 
and be usable over 75% of the orbit by a small terminal on the ground.
  d.. These transponders will be implemented using Software Defined 
Transponders (SDX).

Eagle will also carry an advanced communications payload (ACP). Using 
advanced signal processing and RF techniques, the ACP will allow:

  a.. Voice communications on S2-band (3.4 Ghz) uplink and C-band (5.8 Ghz) 
downlink using a single 60cm dish. The satellite antennas will be 
electrically steered to reduce spin modulation and allow use over 75% of the 
  b.. An additional, fix-pointed, uplink will be available at L-band. This 
L-band uplink will require a separate uplink antenna at the ground station. 
The L-band uplink is intended to allow users in region 1, where 3.4 Ghz is 
not currently allocated to the Amateur Satellite service, to use the ACP 
legally, by transmitting on L-band.
  c.. High rate data communications, such as streaming video, using a 2m 
dish on S2/C bands.
  d.. AMSAT will develop and make available an affordable ground segment for 
the ACP System.

The decision really doesn't change, keep the stuff if you intend on working 
P3E or Eagle.
Don't forget the AMSAT-UK U/S transponder on the ESEO HEO satellite either!

73, Drew KO4MA 

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