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At 06:46 AM 1/16/2007 -0600, John Becker wrote:
>Forgive a stupid question.
>Should I keep the AO-40 equipment that I have?


Going to answer back to amsat-bb for all to read, as your question is
probably one that is significant for many.

Now you do not mention what you have so I will assume.
Mode-B (now mode-UV) LSB uplink on 435, USB downlink 145 - both P3E and
Eagle will have this.
Mode-US P3E will have, Eagle at this point,also. 
Mode-LS P3E will have, Eagle a possibility.
Mode-SC Eagle will have a new digital mode.
Mode-X P3E part of P5 program demo.

So if you have a station that worked mode-US or LS I think this will
definitely become useful when P3E launches and later for Eagle.  To be sure
you should read the mission statements for both to verifiy what I have
written (I am not on either project so maybe made an error).

I have seen many selling their 2401 MHz downconverters and dishes and
wonder why?  Likewise for 1268 gear.  P3E is nearing launch in a year or
so.  Eagle is still years away so its design may yet change.
Ed - KL7UW 
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