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PEHEUNSAT-1 heard on 2 metres.


This may be old news, but PEHEUNSAT-1 seems to be 
transmitting.I believe that I heard PEHEUNSAT-1 
this evening.

Pass ended at 1000 UT (2300 local). Signals seemed 
to consist of a voice broadcast in Spanish 
followed by a short burst of carrier. I could not 
hear any modulation of this carrier and did not 
decode anything.

I have since googled and see that the downlink in 
the 2 metre band is at 9k6 b/s. I was still setup 
for NO-44 at 1200 b/s and of course 9k6 sounds 
much like noise to the human ear. The satellite 
may well have been transmitting data.

On hearing the signal, I retuned the rig and 
tracked the frequency by watching the 
discriminator output meter. The frequency 
decreased in a way consistent with Doppler shift.

I caught the last few minutes of the pass by 
chance, and only because the radio was still tuned 
to 145.8235 MHz (FM) after an earlier pass of NO-44.

I have another pass at 1129 UT (0029 local time) 
and I will try to be ready for that one.

Sil - ZL2CIA

Antenna: 6 ele hori - homebuilt.
Rig: FT736R
Parallel decoding of AX.25 using home built 
interface and AGWPE/UISS, and Heath Packkit 232
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