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Re: ideas

At 09:55 AM 1/15/2007, Bruce Robertson wrote:

>I see. These are interesting ideas. I wonder if a cubesat project such as
>this would provide a workable test-bed for one or more layers of the
>proposed Eagle text-messaging service, which then could be bridged in
>software to the ground-based messaging you propose.
>I'm not sure if this is what you have in mind, but some Linksys WiFi boxes
>have enough RAM to run a stripped-down version of Linux. The trick would be
>to get the data into them. The WRTSL54GS has a USB port, reputedly for
>network storage, but it might be hackable in order to get serial data from
>a TNC or other demodulator using a USB-to-serial bridge.
>It might be in AMSAT's interest to partner with a Cubesat project to
>explore this. I understand the processing power onboard a cubesat would be
>much less; but just as Suitsat II will test the SDX, a flying testbed for
>SMS would be great. It would make for an excellent sales-pitch at
>conventions, etc.: imagine a table with a radio, demodulator and hacked
>WiFi box, and a couple of laptops. When the bird is in range, a
>Jabber-based messaging program comes alive with contacts across N. America.
>for 8 minutes or so. Then the pitch: you can help make this system work for
>hours-on-end across a large part of the globe with your donation to Eagle.

Hi Bruce,

The Linksys WUSB11 box has a USB port and it costs less than $20.
I don't know what kind of cpu it has but this application wouldn't
take much. The USB port would provide the interface to the radio.

The concept could also be demo'd using just a PC with a WiFi card.
The "GameBoy Gateway" application would have to extract IM text messages
from the WiFi network and send them out a serial port using AX.25 UI frames
with some kind of primitive TCP-like protocol to make it reliable. This
could go into a cheap BayPac modem and an HT and it would work over any
digi network including existing satellites. It might be slow but it could
at least show how it would work. Got any spare time? :)

Tony AA2TX

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