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Re: PCSAT controller

> What sort of computer / controller is on PCSAT ?

None, all of my sateliltes, PCSAT-1,2,ANDE,RAFT,MARScom are
nothing but KPC-3's or KPC-9612's.  Just a TNC and a radio.  I
use the built in telemetry, remote sysop and I/O commands for
all functions.  The KPC-3+ gives me this:

1) Low power (15 mA)
2) serial port to any aux devices
3) password protected remote control
4) 5 channels of analog telemetry
5) 3 to 5 external ON/OFF and PULSE commands
6) Beacons, 4 bulletins, on any schedule
7) CW (if you want it)
8) Flying BBS (file store and forward)
9) APRS digipeater
A) GPS parsing and position reporting

And with an external $199 voice synthesizer, we get packet to

The KPC-9612+ gives all of the above PLUS

10) 1200 and 9600 baud ports
11) Cross baud digipeting
11) 6 to 8 ON/OFF commands lines
12) Additional 8 bit bidirectional I/O discretes

All we add are the needed relays and telemetry voltage dividers.
If we need more than 5 telemetry channels, we use some $2 analog
multiplexer chips to give us up to four frames of 5 each for a
total of 20 channels for PCSAT1,2 and ANDE.

Then we make clever use of all the hundred or so TNC commands
for everything we need to do...


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