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Re: Sat688 or LVB tracker?

Hi Rod

> The LVB at....
> http://www.g6lvb.com//Articles/LVBTracker/index.htm
> The Sat688 at....
> http://www2.arrl.org/FandES/tbp/ariss-kits/
>	and it can be made into the LVB 2 for stand alone 
> operation without the computer control, although it will 
> be a little more expensive to construct.

OK, admittedly I'm hardly an unbiased observer ;-) but I should note that
the LVB 2 is still very much at an alpha development stage - it works, but
it's not what I'd call production strength. However the cost of upgrading is
only the cost of the plug in replacement PIC, the PIC18F2550 - showing about
US$10 on Digikey.

I debuted the STELLA SDX at the same time as the LVB 2 and the SDX attracted
quite a bit more interest at the time so that's where my efforts have been
directed for the past 18 months.

Two other points perhaps worthy of note:

o the LVB Tracker uses no SMT parts unless you choose to build the add-on
USB daughter board yourself (that daughter board is available pre-built

o a substantial proportion of the LVB kit price goes to building new

Good luck with your tracking!

73, Howard G6LVB

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