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Re: PCSAT-1 (no-44) In Fine Form!

> With PCSAT-1 returning to life in "full sun" on a regular 
> basis, it would be fun to label each "Return to life" as 
> a cycle #.. Solar cycle maybe?
> It appears to be around a 3 month period, as it's many fans 
> would know.  Can anyone tell me an easy way to roughly 
> calculate it's next coming? 

Its easy.  Just look for when the orbit of PCSAT-1, (NO-44) is
over the Dawn/Dusk terminator.  This means it is flying in 24
hour sun.  This occurs for a week to 2 weeks about every 2
months or so.  BUT we can only recover it when this occurs AND
the sun is in the southern Hemisphere.  Thus, only in the fall,
winter and spring.  Next one I think is in early march.

Once it is "recovered" even if it is only in full sun for a
week, once it is recovered it will continue to operate even back
into maximum eclipses as long as it does not get a RESET.  When
it resets, it returns to negative power budget and we are lost
until the next full sun period.  Though it is still useable
everyday if you are lucky only near midday passes when it is in
the sun.

Bob, Wb4APR

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