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AO-51 1st reception

Well as some of you know.. I am in the midst of setting up a small sat
station. I received my antennas yesterday, and was up till 3 am building
them. I am waiting on my feedlines to come in.. but have been tinkering with
the 432 yagi today. I decided to try and strongarm the 11 element yagi in my
hand and listen to 435.300. as the bird came up 2 passes ago I herd a brief
signal then gone.. I waited till abt 15 minutes ago to try again and WOW
AO-51 LOUD AND CLEAR from abt 7deg el to LOS. My kids ran down stairs and
wanted to know if that was the ' Space Ship ' I have been trying to hear..
And I replied YES! I have never herd a sat before.. and this was arm chair
copy with the yagi in my hand @ ground elevation. I cannot wait to get my
feedlines so I can get the final installation done and get a sig on the air.
Thank you all for your continued help.


-Steve Raas


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