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This is a common type of "phishing" email intended to gather your  
account info and then return some sort of innocuous looking "login  
error" when you try to log into the site, but harvest and record your  
username and password on the back end along with whatever else you  
entered on the form.  If you look at the raw source of the email,  
you'll find the link that looks like it goes to the bank's domain  
actually goes to a random IP address or a domain somewhere in Korea  
or Eastern Europe.  PayPal, eBay, Chase Bank, and a few other banks  
like Wachovia are very frequent targets for this, I've gotten so many  
trying to harvest my PayPal and eBay info that I've gotten tired of  
forwarding them to the spoof/phishing contact emails for both.

It goes without saying that unless you're attempting to trace these  
guys, you don't want to click through on any links in a suspicious  
email.  My email client (Apple Mail) is pretty good about not auto- 
loading stuff I don't want it to, it's possible that there may be  
worm-type mechanisms in some of these emails that take advantage of  
other clients like MS Outlook.

Definitely worth keeping your wits about you .. and anytime you get a  
notice like this, go to your browser and enter the address of the  
bank MANUALLY and make sure it comes up with encryption (browsers  
vary how they indicate this) and an "https://"; URL before entering  
your login info ...

On May 31, 2006, at 4:25 PM, <n4csitwo@bellsouth.net>  
<n4csitwo@bellsouth.net> wrote:

> I just received an email to my amsat.org email address requesting  
> personal account information. The reason given was that "my  
> Wachovia account has been violated". I don't bank with Wachovia!
> Be careful if you receive this and DO NOT RESPOND!
> Dave, AA4KN
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