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Re: Re:13 Amateur Satellites to Launch in June

Hi Bruce and all...

How about if we just had a 10x10x1 cm receiver and controller to mount with
their existing transmitter? Much less space, and the controller could turn
it on when their experiment was done?

Maybe something WE should have on the shelf?

In fact, why don't we have anything simple "on the shelf?"

Then all we have to do is "sell" the concept to the universities! Add our
receiver and we'll help extend your satellite's usefulness. (and your
University's "Brand")


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Bruce Robertson" <broberts@mta.ca>

> Alternatively, imagine that a 10x10x20 cubesat costs $80,000 to launch
> (retail). If we had a 10x10x10 transponder on hand, could we convince a
> team that was planning a 10x10x10 cube to go halves with us and let our
> transponder take over when their research was done?
> These are examples of the second approach I mentioned above. If amateurs
> and other have made what was once hard or expensive easy and cheap, let's
> use it!
> (Of course, AMSAT-NA's focus on HEO is very important. I'm not advocating
> getting side-tracked.)
> > Just my opinion,
> > I better go on with my linear-transponder for the next
> > available ham satellite opertunity :o)
> >
> > William Leijenaar
> Just keep it under 10cmx10cm :-) Seriously, thanks for all your work, and
> hope to communicate through another WL-built transponder soon.
> 73, Bruce
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