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Re: Re:13 Amateur Satellites to Launch in June

>From: "i8cvs" <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it>
>Our current Amateur Radio Satellite builders of P3E and EAGLE
>are aging ? ?

We need a constant flow of new blood into the ranks of the builders, many of 
whom having given a great many years to building satellites for the benefit 
of others for which we are all gratefull.

It is, however, unrealistic to expect the same people to keep on building us 
new satellites for ever.

In a recent report the IARU highlighted the demography of the Amateur 
population, see


I believe it is in our interests to enthuse University Students about 
Amateur Satellites and get them interested in building and experimenting and 
hopefully in time put linear transponders on their satellites.

In many cases a University Amateur Satellite project is the first time 
students will have come across Amateur Radio. Such projects provide an great 
opportunity to recruit technically proficient young people to our hobby.

The reality is that the bulk of the Amateur Satellite Service allocations 
are empty.

How many satellites do we have operating in
   29.3 - 28.5  MHz
  1260 - 1270 MHz
  2400 - 2450 MHz
  5650 - 5670 MHz
  5830 - 5850 MHz
10450 -10500 MHz
I won't even mention the higher bands!

Most of the 3 MHz of spectrum allocated to the Amateur Satellite Service 
between 435 and 438 MHz is unused.

If we do not find a use for our allocations then others will.

73 Trevor M5AKA
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