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Fwd: Re: Re:13 Amateur Satellites to Launch in June

So 4 cubsats would cost $160,000 to launch?
Is it possible to build a linear transponder or another Echo sat in 
that size and weight?


>With the cubesats, the universities pay $40K for a ride. There are 
>no "give away" launches. I've been involved with cubesats since 
>nearly the beginning. The kits are relatively cheap compared to the 
>required effort and failure rate to meet the mass requirements and 
>structural integrity. A lot of the cubesats are being designed and 
>built by very inexperienced students. So yes, a lot of the 
>satellites will just put out telemetry and not much else but it is a 
>learning experience. A lot of the students do not know how to design 
>and build a working linear transponder let alone any kind of radio. 
>I like the beeping cubesats. It gives me opportunities to show kids 
>how to track satellites and collect telemetry at the cansat summer 
>camp I run every year.
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