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Re:13 Amateur Satellites to Launch in June


Increadible how we can "give away" so many frequencies
and launches. I just seen the cubesat participation
list. It is full with universities in US, and other
countries. There are only 2 amateur participants of
which stensat is already up...


That there are many projects going on is not that bad
at all, its good for future technology. What makes me
really feel bad is that it is all more looking to an
indirect commercial business. Just look at the prices
for such cubesat kit !!!. Its not really an amateur
price, and it is mainly focused on universities (when
I see the list of participants)

I don't feel any "ham spirit" in these kind of
cubesats anymore. Most (ofcourse some exeptions) of
those cubes on the list look more like an university
advertising bleep-box to me... 

The reason is that in a real technical way these
satellites work unefficient in matters of space use. 
Every cubesat has its own structure, solar, battery,
and power system etc... Imagine when they all work
together and put their payloads in one big satellite. 
Costs would be much lower as they can all share the
basic systems like solar panels, battery, OBC, etc...
But ofcourse this doesn't sell much cubesat kits...

It is also better for students to learn communicating
with eachother (different universities). In the real
world knowledge is not always a problem, but
communication between different engineers and
companies is... It is even better when working
together with international schools.

Maybe there should be made a seperate small "none ham
funded" cubesat frequency band. It would also be
reasonable to have a cheaper ham level priced version
of the cubesat kit for ham-funded projects.

Just my opinion,
I better go on with my linear-transponder for the next
available ham satellite opertunity :o)

William Leijenaar
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