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Re: Article on P3E launch opportunities in amsat-dl site

Quoting Peter Guelzow <peter.guelzow@kourou.de>:

> Hi All,
> sorry - I'm too slow with my article translation at the moment and had
> not yet the chance to publish the english version...

You shouldn't at all apologize: the article itself describes how much
effort you're putting in on behalf of us all. I thought people would like
to hear whatever news I could glean from it.
> Robert McGwier wrote:
> > The major paragraph for us is near the end of the first page, my poor
> > translation reveals this:
> >
> > "Out of the side discussions  and the official information a possible
> > option for P3-E appears for a launch in November 2008 on the new
> Soyuz
> > rocket. Here a new pay load adapter for small satellite is to be
> > tested, which should be also compatible with Ariane 5."
> >
> > 2.5 years hence.
> No, the major paragraph is the one following the above:
> > Apart from the fallback position for the possibility on November 2008
> we have still other launch options in the eye and <most important> 
> P3-E
> must be finished integration by March 2007, so that a start at the end
> of of 2007 is possible.... 
> 73s Peter, DB2OS

While I'm sure that the 2008 date is worrying to some, I think that in
today's climate it's good to know that the *worst-case* launch date is 2.5
years away. And it's all the more exciting to know that in 10 months
they'll be bolting the thing down. 

73, Bruce
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