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Article on P3E launch opportunities in amsat-dl site


Since we're all interested in possible launch dates for P3E, I thought I'd
point out the article by Peter Gülzow at the amsat-dl site discussing a
conference with the ArianeSpace folks

If my poor German serves, its last two paragraphs indicate: a) a quite
likely launch opportunity on the Soyuz rockets that are being added to the
Ariane facility, Nov. 2008; b) continued talks this summer to find sooner
opportunities; c) the goal of integration by March 2007 in order to make
sure that these opportunities could be exploited.

For those who, like me, would enjoy further opportunities to use s-band
before the HEOs go up, I note that almasat <http://www.almasat.org>, said
to be slated for early next year, has a high-speed modem transmitting on
s-band. There aren't any CW s-band beacons in flight, are there? (Oh
SSETI-Express, where art thou? :-)

73, Bruce
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