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Re: Help with finding COM 1

Don't blame just HP. Most systems no longer include com ports. It is 
assumed that all you need is USB or Firewire. However, there is an 
answer. I have found that most applications work well with the USB to 
serial adapter cables. I use them here now since I lost a serial port 
due to lightning. It works on most everything I've tried those far. The 
units are not very expensive. I have found them on-line for $7.00 to 
$25.00 and found the inexpensive ones to work as well. Some of the more 
expensive units can support multiple com port emulation.


Reid, W4UPD

Dave Guimont wrote:

> I just installed W0LMD's, Junior Tracker, and SatPC32....
> All work just fine, but my XP computer cannot find COM 1!!  DOS where 
> are you???
> An HP pavilion, fairly new, with XP installed has a port marked COM, 
> but no number!!
> A Compaq Presario, newer, with XP installed has no COM port!!
> That is just another one of the dumb things I've found out about HP 
> computers...They've tried to lead me  by the nose on other DUMB 
> THINGS,   but don't anyone ask me to go there...I'll never buy another 
> Hewlett Packard computer!!!
> HELP!!
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
>                    Disagree: I learn....
>               Pulling for P3E...
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