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Re: CO-55 and RS-22 Keps

AL7CR wrote:
> Why are there no keps for either of these sats in the Amsat keps files? 
> Both are listed as active on the Amsat sat status web page.  CO-55
> (CUTE-1) has many reports on Dave Carr's page but the keps are not to be
> found in the amsat files.  Ideas as to why?

I'm not sure why there not in AMSAT's list, but you can download them
from Space-Track:
	CUTE-1 (CO-55) has NORAD Catalog ID 27844.
	MOZHAYETS 4 (RS-22) has NORAD Catalog ID 27939.

If you don't have a Space-Track Account, Celestrak lists CUTE-1 under
and RS-22 is part of the Celestrak amateur.txt download

-Daniel, VA3KKZ
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