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Source for a Small Transmitter?

I'm looking for a source or three for a small-in-size UHF transmitter.
Preferably 1 watt or less. My project is to put a transmitter on a tethered
balloon or a kite.  Maybe a rocket is a possibility if the TX is small

Along these lines, do you know of a source for a small programmable CW keyer
and a maybe even a small TNC (The TNC is a stretch, it was a wild

Kits are perfect.

I'm looking online right now (actually, I'm right now looking at the Ramsey
kits page), and I'll look through a few copies of QST in a few mins..but I
wondered if someone else may already have experience with a known good
source.  TKS es 73

Gary, N7BRJ
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