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Hybrid ring vs Wilkinson divider

Fellow Amsat-ees
While we now have some people on the list that are passionate about the
subject of my question on power dividers I'd like to get a few opinions
on what can be said about a
"hybrid ring vs a wilkinson divider"

Mechanically the wilkinson is just half of Domenico's hyrbid ring, legs
1-2, 2-3 are the same, but legs 3-4 and 4-1 are each replaced with a
50ohm resistor, so together with one 100ohm resitor. Outlet 4 isn't
there anymore and neither the 50 terminator.

While the interesting flurry of e-mail came in I looked up references on
both and the key difference I understand seems to be that the
- hybrid ring has a loss of 3db (input (2) vs sum of outputs (1&3))
- wilkinson divider has NO loss (input (2) vs sum of outputs(1&3),
obviosly each output leg gets just half of the input power)
In each the leg(s) between 3 and 1 massages a possible unbalance and
ensures isolation.

Joop, PA1JAV

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