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Re: Power divider for X-yagis]

Sven Arne Astrup wrote:
> Hallo Tom, All!
> For me this is an interesting topic. Do you know if there is a web site where picture of the design is shown??
> 73 de Sven LA6KJ
Sven -- You can find the "Rat Race" (0/180) hybrid at 

The Microwaves101 source has a description of the Quad-hybrid (they call 
it a branchline coupler) (0/90) at 
http://www.microwaves101.com/encyclopedia/Branchline_couplers.cfm. The 
quad hybrid can be seen in 23 & 13 cm PA's by N2UO 
(http://www.nd2x.net/n2uo-1.html) & DL4MUP 

You might want to bookmark the Microwaves101 web site  
(http://www.microwaves101.com/index.cfm) as a good "go to" web site for 
RF questions.

73, Tom
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