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RE: WD9EWK from Dayton (18-22 May 2006) - long

Hi Patrick

> > Out of curiosity, any new satellite stuff or announcements 
> > form vendors at
> > Dayton?
> Nothing specifically for satellites that I saw.  I asked someone at the
> Icom booth (not the one in the arena, but in another hall near Yaesu's
> about the IC-91 HT and if it was capable of full-duplex cross-band
> I was told "no", but I was also told that a replacement for the IC-W32
> be out in "2 or 3 months".  This new HT is supposed to have the same
> functionality as the IC-W32, but the gentleman (someone from Icom Canada,
> I forget his name/call but he was from Vancouver) didn't mention what the
> model number was for this new radio.  Maybe this will show up at the big
> convention in Tokyo in a few months?

I missed the IC-91A at the Hamvention, but saw it on the back cover of one
of the mags I was reading on the flight home - CQ ISTR. I downloaded the
manual and on the basis that one of the two receivers is very wideband, I
would guess that it won't do full duplex. Although there's a DUP button,
this is for repeater half duplex split operation. A shame - I nearly got
quite excited about this one.

The only other new radio on display that I saw was the FT-2000 which is an
HF set.

The fleamarket seemed way down on previous years with many empty spots -
whether this is gas prices, eBay or something else I don't know.

Still, Dayton's still up there as the place to be.

If time and airmiles permit, I would love to return the Tokyo show: it's not
as big as Dayton, but in the second hand department it's quality and
selection above quantity over there.

73, Howard G6LVB
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