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RE: WD9EWK from Dayton (18-22 May 2006) - long


Great job. Keep it up and let us know how the mobile SSB/CW project goes.

Out of curiosity, any new satellite stuff or announcements form vendors at 

73, Stefan VE4NSA

>From: "Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK)" <amsat-bb@wd9ewk.net>
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>To: amsat-bb@amsat.orgThanks.

Great job! Keep it up and let us know how the mobile SSB/CW project goes. 
Out of curiosity, any new satellite stuff or announcements form vendors at 

73, Stefan VE4NSA

>Subject: [amsat-bb] WD9EWK from Dayton (18-22 May 2006) - long
>Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 13:03:35 -0700
>I've been back home a few days after a busy and fun time in Dayton for
>the HamVention, and I was able to mix in some satellite operating from
>there.  Actually, a lot of satellite operating - 6 SO-50 passes and 6
>AO-51 passes from 8 different locations in 6 grids (EM79, EM89, EN70,
>EN71, EN80, EN81) and 4 or 5 different counties in Indiana and Ohio.  I
>made a total of 40 QSOs with 2 different HTs (IC-W32A, IC-T7H) and a
>Maldol AH-510R telescoping whip.
>I started out by operating from outside my motel west of Dayton (grid
>EM79su in Brookville OH) on a couple of late-evening SO-50 passes
>Thursday (18 May) night, and made only 1 QSO between the 2 passes.  I
>hoped to do better in daylight from the HamVention grounds (grid EM79ut)
>on Friday (19th), but intermod swamped the receiver on my IC-W32A.  It
>was useless for satellite work.  I worked another SO-50 pass that
>evening from outside the motel after the AMSAT banquet, making just 1
>more contact, and decided to take my IC-T7H to the HamVention on
>Saturday (20th).
>The IC-T7H held up to the intermod - ham and non-ham - at the HamVention
>grounds.  I worked one one AO-51 pass that morning, making 5 contacts.
>I had to manually change my RX and TX frequencies, and I wasn't able to
>listen to the downlink while I transmitted with the IC-T7H, but at least
>I could work the satellites.  After dinner at a restaurant in Miamisburg
>(south of Dayton) with my father-in-law George W7ON, we stopped to work
>an AO-51 pass around 9.30pm (0130 UTC Sunday) near a hospital and car
>dealership on the way back to I-75 (grid EM79up), and this was my most
>productive pass for the weekend - 8 QSOs, still using the IC-T7H.  My
>father-in-law asked me if there were other satellite passes I could work
>that evening, and if we could go to a spot in multiple grids.  I didn't
>realize where the grid boundaries were in relation to the Dayton area,
>but knew the Indiana/Ohio state line was about 20 miles (32km) west of
>our motel on I-70.  We stopped at the motel so I could get my IC-W32A,
>and then we went to the state line.
>At the state line is an interchange with US highway 40, so we went there
>and scouted out a good spot to work satellites.  This later AO-51 pass,
>around 11.10pm (0310 UTC Sunday), would cover most of North America.
>There was a church just on the Indiana side of the state line, and a
>road where the curb on the east side of the road was the line (grid
>EM79ou).  I stood on that, and made 4 contacts from there.  After that,
>we drove back to the motel where I worked another SO-50 pass a little
>past midnight (12.25am EDT, 0425 UTC Sunday) and made 2 more QSOs before
>calling it a day.
>Sunday morning (21st)... off to the HamVention again, where I worked
>two satellite passes with the IC-T7H and Maldol whip - an SO-50 pass
>around 9am (1300 UTC) and an AO-51 pass around 11.20am (1520 UTC).  I
>made 4 QSOs on each pass, a total of 8 for the morning.  Not bad!  The
>HamVention closed at 1pm (1700 UTC), and after the final prize winners
>were announced, we left around 3pm (1900 UTC).  My father-in-law asked
>me if we could get to some 2- and 4-grid spots, and we started out on a
>300-mile (500km) road trip.  We found one spot where 4 grids came
>together (EN79, EN89, EN70, EN80) 20 minutes or so northeast of Dayton,
>made a note of it, and continued north.  Using the map on my Garmin GPS
>receiver, I found another 4-grid spot (EN70, EN71, EN80, EN81) west of
>Findlay OH off I-75.  We went up to there, seeing if we could get to
>that spot.
>After driving through a lot of farmland, we found the spot - on a bridge
>over a creek.  We drove back toward I-75 to get a snack, then quickly
>drove back to the bridge for a low AO-51 pass to the east.  I made only
>1 QSO from that spot, with Jerry W0SAT in Dubuque IA, not too bad
>considering the low pass and lots of trees surrounded the area.  We
>decided to head back toward Dayton, seeing if we could get back to that
>first spot where 4 grids came together.  We couldn't get there in time,
>but found a spot 3 miles (5km) east of I-75 near Lima OH where we could
>get to the EN70/EN80 boundary.  AO-51 made its appearance around 10.30pm
>(0230 UTC Monday), and I made 5 contacts from this spot (grids EN70xr
>and EN80ar).  When AO-51 went out of range, we got back onto I-75 and
>headed back to Dayton - but I wasn't done yet.
>About 40-45 minutes after that AO-51 pass, around 11.15pm (0315 UTC
>Monday), there was an SO-50 pass to the east.  We made it down the
>freeway to Wapakoneta OH, and parked in a truck stop parking lot east
>of I-75 (grid EN70wr) for this pass.  I worked 3 stations, not too bad.
>After SO-50 went out of range, we went back to the motel and - finally - 
>called it a night.
>Monday (22nd)... our return flight is in the evening, and we wanted to
>visit the Air Force Museum on the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near
>Dayton, so my time for satellite operating was limited.  My
>father-in-law suggested we go back to that spot near Dayton where 4
>grids came together (EM79, EM89, EN70, EN80 - north of New Carlisle OH),
>on the way to the museum.  We did that.  Around 9.30am (1330 UTC), I
>worked an SO-50 pass and made 2 QSOs to conclude my satellite operating 
>from the Dayton area.
>If you go to Dayton and want to work satellites from the HamVention
>grounds, make sure your radio can reject intermod.  The AMSAT demo used
>an FT-817 and either a Kenwood TH-F6A HT or another FT-817 to receive
>the downlink.  My IC-W32A and VX-2R were not too useful from the
>HamVention, but the IC-T7H worked well.  Your mileage may vary, but keep
>in mind the intermod issues for whatever radio(s) you may choose to use
>from there.  I could have done better with a Yagi instead of a
>telescoping whip, but I wanted to travel light in case I brought home a
>lot of stuff from the HamVention.  I bought a case for my Arrow Yagi, so
>all its parts are in one nice and neat place - and it might make some
>trips with me in the future.
>I had only planned on operating from the motel and the HamVention
>grounds while in Dayton.  I hadn't realized that my father-in-law (an
>AMSAT life member) would take so much interest in my satellite
>operating, and drive us to these far-off spots so I could operate for
>a few minutes at a time.  Thanks George for all the driving and
>encouragement in getting out to these places to operate from!  This
>was the first time either of us had been to the HamVention, and it
>won't be the last.
>A word about the AMSAT stuff at Dayton... I talked to lots of people and
>many that I have worked in the past 4-5 months around the AMSAT booth.
>I renewed my membership and bought a bunch of other stuff as well.  The
>new SDX transponder looked neat, and Drew KO4MA and Keith W5IU did very
>well with the demonstrations outside the arena.  I even worked Drew a
>couple of times during those demos.  After I saw Drew work VO-52 a
>couple of times, I know what I want to do next - a portable station to
>work SSB/CW satellites as well as the FM satellites.
>Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK
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