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Re: Trying to find AMSAT Journal Article

>> I am trying to find the... article... on the amount of time a LEO 
>> satellite is overhead.  ...why one doesn't need ...EL rotors for LEO 's
>... any tracking program .. will instantly determine the length 
>of time the next pass will be overhead...

I think the operative term here is "overhead".  Because a LEO bird
is only "overhead" less than 1% of the time, if you think of "overhead"
as "up" (> 75 deg or so)...

What I stress to my students is that satellites are rarelfy if ever
"overhead" but spend most of their "in-view" time down near the
horizon.  In fact almost 70% of all times they are below 20 deg
and 95% of the time they are below 45 deg.

So I try not to use the term "overhead" when talking about LEO's
but use the term "in view" as a safer term to avoid the missconception
that "overhead" implies...

Hope that helps.

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