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Re: Trying to find AMSAT Journal Article

>   I am trying to find the AMSAT Journal article published several 
> years ago on the amount of time a LEO satellite is overhead.  The 
> article explained why one doesn't need AZ/EL rotors for LEO 
> satellites.   I have the two journal CDs, but haven't found the 
> article yet.  Thanks in advance.

I can't help you with the article, Ed, you may have a need for the 
specific times....But any tracking program I've ever seen will give 
you the "coverage" circle, and with IT very simple to put a satellite 
on "fast forward", and instantly determine the length of time the 
next pass will be overhead...

You're also aware, I am sure, the difference between ssb/cw and Fm 
low orbit birds....However, if you are looking for horizon to horizon 
contacts as we do on ssb/cw satellites, gain antennas with some sort 
of pointing ability is required.  Necessary also, of course, if you 
are going to attempt "grazing" contacts to really increase your coverage.

That is impossible, in any event on the FM low orbit ones because if 
you make a contact much longer than what it takes to get call, name, 
QTH and grid square someone is going to accuse you of hogging the 
bird!!  So if that type of contact appeals then one can wait for 
other than near horizon passes to use omni antennas

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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