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Re: Online Satellite Pass Predictions

Robert McGwier expunged (rwmcgwier@comcast.net):

> I think it attracts people to our pieceof the hobby without them having 
> to first spend money to join.   I view this as a service we provide 
> people around the world irrespective of their ability to pay for an 
> AMSAT membership.  I can easily see someone printing out a few days 
> satellite passes down at the local internet cafe or school or library 
> and not be able to otherwise afford to get these predicts.  I hope we 
> are able to keep this out in the open.

Being able to provide pass prediction via a WAP device is hardly pushing people away. There are loads of free ways to do pass predictions, we need differentiators, reasons to attract new members so we can get you more funds to build cool things like the SDX! (Very cool, BTW :)

I realize the membership would have to be very large to be able to fund satellite constructionfrom dues alone, but expanding the membership might allow us to draw from a larger pool of potential cash donors. 

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