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Circularly Polarized Yagi Sense?

I've built a set of circularly polarized antennas by taking two
coplanar yagis and feeding one of the driven elements 90 out of phase
with the other, using a phase delay line and a coaxial relay to switch
from left to right hand CP, per the Antenna Handbook.  

Now, how does one determine the sense (RH/LH) based on which element is
fed with the 90 degree delay?   The only reference I've found is the
IEEE definition of "clockwise polarization for a receding wave as
right-hand", but that doesn't help with my question.  What's the rule
of thumb to know if I'm RHCP or LHCP based on which element the 90
degree delay is applied to?

Mark K5LXP 
Albuquerque, NM 
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