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PCSAT2, NO44 and other similar topics

>I'd love to see another NO-44 launched.  How much time do 
>we have to  build something?...

Actually, there are 3 more in integration for launch this fall.
ANDE, RAFT and MARScom.  But again, being launched from the
shuttle, their life will be limited.

Speaking of limited life, PCSAT2 Will be brought back to earth
in the fall, and so time for experimenting is more than half over.
I do not hear or see much use.  The PSK-31 transponder
has been on full time now for several weeks.  I seem to be
the only one in my footprint that ever turns it on...  of course,
the TX comes up, but no one has reported running enough power
on 10 m to be heard.

But one thing I have done and invite others to do is to
bring  up the PSK-transonder and you will get a pure
FM carrier on the downlink.  It is interesting to listen
to the pure carrier and use the "quieting" of a quiet
signal to asses the performance of your antenna tracking,
the ISS attitude, and fading and blockage by listening
the degree of full-quieting on the downlink...

I still hope someone with several hundred watts will
hear themselves by transmitting PSK-31 or CW
on 29.401 on the uplink and hearing themselves on
the 435.275 MHz FM downlink...

TO bring up the 435.275 10m=>UHF transponder, simply
initiate an AX.25 1200 baud connect request to PCSAT2.
It will come up for 1 minute or as long as you maintain
the connection.

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