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Re: Online Satellite Pass Predictions

>is there any online Satellite Pass Prediction sites that would 
>work well for displaying on a cellphone screen...

A spin-off answer is:

Have someone run APRSdata.exe in your region.  It puts
out "Tiny-Web-Pages" of real-time satellite data on the
front panel of the D7 and D700 APRS radio screens to 
everyone within the region.

If the D700 has the voice chip, the radio can even SPEAK
when a satellite is in view.  As in  "AO51  LOW" or

This gives you hands off and eyes off alerts when to QSY
your radio to work the satellite.  AND not only does it tell
you the satelltie name, the APRS front panel display also 
shows you the following every minute:

THe Frequency of the uplinnk  + doppler
The Frequency of the downlink + doppler
Its AZIMUTH from you and its distance
Its DIRECTION of movement.

>From the last two, it is trivial to know exactly where to 
point a beam if you have one.

PLUS, the DX List in the radio will store predictions for
the next 80 minutes of all satellites that will  come
into view.  Listing the satellite and the time.

It makes satellite mobile as trivial as QSYing a knob
and you never have to look at a satellite PC or prediction
again.  If there is a satellite in view, you will get the alert,

For more info, see about 60% down this page looking


de WB4APR, Bob
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