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AO-7 STRONG between EU and NA: no takers

Hello all,

tonight we had VO-52 and AO-7 in the sky over Europe. On the 52 we raised from 
nothing a quick net of Italian stations: IK0WGF, IK0DPX, I7LIT and myself 
(IZ6BYY). We spent the whole pass chatting... the recording sounds like the 
typical 40 mt QSO. VO-52 is great!

Right after the 52 lowered IK0WGF and I jumped on AO-7. It was hell if 
compared to the other one but still enought to easily work a truckload of 
people in just 5-10 minutes.
I kept calling and calling... The footprint was all the way down to NYC I 
think. Nothing. Not even a single station on the bird. Noone hunting for AO-7 
Hope to see much more trafic on next occasion for NA.


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