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Re: Predict 2.2 and LVB Tracker issue

Howard Long wrote:

> BTW, either I'm getting senile or Linux is not getting any easier!

Maybe your standards are rising :)   I know mine are.  The Microsoft 
people work very hard at getting the installation of hardware right, and 
expectations have risen accordingly.  Remember when we used to have to 
fool around with those stupid jumpers and set IO port settings in the 
.ini files?

What are you trying to install it on?  Most Linux distributions are 
pretty good on common hardware (although I still can't figure out how to 
get my Audigy 2 soundcard to record).  The  Knoppix "live" CD is one of 
the best at getting your hardware detected and running.

In general, one should make sure to buy hardware that is compatible with 
the operating system.  Take Windows.  Ever try to install XP on a Sun 
Ultrasparc?  It does not work too well ;)

-Joe KM1P
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